Sphere - Poetry

An emotional, spiritual, religious and existential journey through a critical period in a young man's life..

Sphere of Seven Billion Gods

pictureA Journey of Life and Mind

Formats: Poetry Book - Print (Available), Electronic (Available)
Genres: Existentialism, Spiritualism, Religion & Life
Author: Terry Phillius
Edited By: Christopher Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Christopher Ficco

Published in April of 2011, Sphere of Seven Billion Gods is a personal, poetic journey through both a difficult and exciting period of life where the complex development of spiritual evolution overtakes and consumes an inevitable religious demise. The work is sometimes full of anger but also of love, life and a variety of impressions of the self, the natural world, god and the Universe. It is intended to provide nothing more than a basis for comparison for others as they move through their own religious, spiritual or philosophical journeys. Sphere of Seven Billion Gods does not intend to preach but merely offer a backdrop upon which readers can explore their own journeys through this existence.

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