Independent Publishers are a growing cottage business, and I can provide all of the servcies needed to see your manuscript in print.

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Don't Let the Size Fool You

A publishing company does not have to be big to produce high-quality, professional looking books, both inside and out. RuneWright prides itself on getting the job done well and without breaking your bank. In this day and age of self-promotion, social networking, blogs, conventions, speaking engagements and networking communities, many authors are taking it upon themselves to get their words in front of their own, select, smaller audiences, and from these humble beginnings growing small businesses into large ones.


Manuscript Editing

Are you a solid writer but need another set of eyes to go through your entire manuscript and make sure that's it's perfect? Maybe you have a great story or the next great "How To" book, but you need help with typographical or grammatical conventions.picture



Manuscript Editing & Story Revision

In some cases writers are looking for more comprehensive editing services. If you'd like not only a full edit but revisions & suggestions for characterization, story-line, plot-curve, dialogue and overall manuscript readability, I can provide that as well. Clearing out the typos is sometimes good enough. However, to get your manuscript over the hurdle of being ready for presentation to an agent or publisher, take it to the next level and make the story sing and tap-dance like Fred Astaire.picture



Book Layout & Design

Having a tight manuscript is great, and that's all you need when you're trying to get it placed with an agent or publisher. However, many authors are now going the route of self-publication and promotion. If you are looking for a professional, comprehensive and eBook conversion-ready manuscript, then look no further. This service includes formatting the interior with proper sections, headers, footers, pagination, table of contents, title page, ISBN/Copyright page and anything else your specific project might need. Additionally, having solid cover artwork and title information that makes your book stand out from the rest is easily possible and at very competitive rates.picture



Cover Artwork & Design

As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by its cover. However, people absolutely buy books based on the cover. Have a fantastic manuscript? Have an interior layout and design that's rock-solid and ready for prime-time? Then what you need is a book cover design that's eye-catching, target-market-focused and good enough to get your book picked up instead of the competition.picture



eBook Conversions

In Q1 of 2011, Amazon sold more eBooks than they did hard-copies. Indeed, the publishing industry as a whole is struggling to react to the eBook revolution sweeping across the entire planet. If you have a manuscript (published or not) that you'd like to see made iPad, iPhone, Nook and Kindle-capable, I can make it happen. While it's true that Amazon and Smashwords can convert submitted files into the .MOBI format to be ready for sale, the fact is that the output you get is mediocre at best. Want to play in the big leagues? Then you want a professional, high-quality, tested and guaranteed eBook conversion that is certain to look and read just as good as your hard-copy.picture



Printing (On Demand & Large Run)

If you already have a manuscript that's you've gone to print with but are looking for better and less-expensive printing options for a re-run or a second edition, give me a call. I work with one web-enabled print-on-demand vendor as well as an industrial long-run vendor where I can almost guarantee the lowest price-per-unit cost you've ever seen. Allow me to help you increase your revenue per book sale by reducing your printing costs, in some cases significantly (includes both B&W and color print jobs.

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Marketing Collateral

Your business is critical to you, and the message you get in front of your existing and potential customers is even more so. RuneWright can provide exceptional marketing collateral including Brochures, Press Releases, Business Cards, Website Content and the graphic design to support them all. We've done work for small companies like and larger companies such as CGX publishing. There is no job too large or small, and we provide fast turn-around as well as a cap on our estimates. When RuneWright says a job will only take X amount time, then the overage is on our time not yours. Make sure your projects get done on time and under budget.picture



Policy & Process

With almost twenty years of IT experience, RuneWright can provide for you the highest quality policy and process writing & documentation possible. Regardless of the size of your business, your current and future staff as well as your customers need to know how your systems & services work. They must understand how your company operates to ensure a smooth relationship at all levels. Don't let someone who doesn't fully comprehend the critical nature of policies & processes document yours for you. Protect yourself, your personnel and your customers with rock-solid, succinct and clear documentation that leaves no room for misinterpretation.picture



Technical Documentation

My nearly twenty years of IT experience will show when I put together for you tight, professional and useful tecnhical documentation. For anything from software requriements specifications to user guides to network and application diagrams, your customers and employees will have the very best in technical documentation. Your company can't affort to send mixed or unclear messages when dealing with your systems and products. Be sure that the right information is getting to the proper people and that the message can be understood. Let RuneWright provide what your company needs to create documentation you can count on.picture


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