Penny Dread Tales - Volume I

Gears, Coils, Aether & Steam. A rip-roaring ride through over 400 pages covering 18 short stories.

Penny Dread Tales - Volume One

Gears, Coils, Aether & Steam

Formats: Steampunk Anthology- Print (Available), Electronic (Available)
Genres: Short Fiction: Steampunk, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Author: Mixed
Edited By: Christopher Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Laura Givens

Penny Dread Tales Volume One is a steampunk anthology that encompasses 18 steampunk stories. In this steampunk anthology you can discover times and places only dreamt of in your wildest imagination: gadgets, gizmos and robots driven by aether and steam; angels, zombie soldiers and clockwork cowboys walking through the Victorian age; and what would a steampunk anthology be without zeppelins, time machines and Sherlock Holmes? We've got gun-slingers, Chinese assassins and clockwork robots that can't keep their hands off each other. In this steampunk anthology there are even a few dinosaurs thrown in for good measure. Oh, there is one poem in there, but I just couldn't resist... I thought it was TOTALLY apropos for a steampunk anthology.

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I will start by saying that I am not the biggest fan of science fiction so when a friend gave me a copy of this book to read I approached it with the intentions to not enjoy the stories. I found myself surprised at the creativity and writing skills of these authors, since most of these are authors who are publishing for the first time. I must say though that my favorite short story was authored by Jodi Franklin, she had a very interesting and intriguing setting for the story, and I for one would like to see more of her writings. I think a longer format would be wonderful for some of these authors to help them expand on the interesting themes that were touched upon in these stories. Overall this is a great read for fans of science fiction as well as those who are looking to possibly find the next breakout author before he or she has become mainstream.

-Howard Roark