Policy & Process Writing

Policy & Process Writing

Enterprise Level Policy & Process Writing


Make Sure Your Customers and Employees Know the Score


pictureWhile there are exceptions to every rule, most small businesses don’t go to the effort of writing policies or processes because they simply don’t need them. A sole-proprietor knows exactly what he or she needs to do each day and how to do it. Creating a library of such documentation would be an inefficient use of his or her time.


However, business owners should never lose sight of the fact that all businesses start somewhere, and a small business can quickly become medium-sized or even a large business in a very short time. With an increase in size picturecomes an increase in the numbers of employees and therefore an increase in the need to document how and why you do things in your business. Writing policies and procedures becomes a very cost-effective way of storing and transitioning corporate intellectual property.


Medium, large and enterprise-level organizations almost invariably need a library of clear company policies and a wide assortment of organizational process documentation to maintain what is commonly referred to as corporate “culture.”


Policy documentation within an organization is usually written from an HR (Human Resources) perspective and is designed to picturegovern how employees interact with the business and each other. Process documentation is an expression of precisely how employees of the company are supposed to do their work.


RuneWright has provided clear and concise policies and processes for both health care and IT corporations, and we can do so for your business as well. Don’t let employees lose sight of how you run your business.


RATES: $75 / hour


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