Editing, Revision and Formatting

A Full-Service Manuscript Resource

RuneWright offers an array of design, editing, formatting, revision and layout services for fiction and non-fiction manuscripts, reports, dissertations, marketing materials and business cards. RuneWright is capable of providing print-ready media for both printing and electronic distribution (including both Kindle and iDevice formats). Additionally, in conjunction with the Denver Bookbinding Company, their vendors and a number of on-line publishing and distribution channels including www.LuLu.com, www.Amazon.com and www.CreateSpace.com, RuneWright can help you place your work so it is available on line to millions.

Book Layout & Design

Having a tight manuscript is great, and that’s all you need when you’re trying to get it placed with an agent or publisher. However, many authors are now going the route of self-publication and promotion. If you are looking for a professional, comprehensive and eBook conversion-ready manuscript, then look no further. This service includes formatting the interior with proper sections, headers, footers, pagination, table of contents, title page, ISBN/Copyright page and anything else your specific project might need. Additionally, having solid cover artwork and title information that makes your book stand out from the rest is easily possible and at very competitive rates.

RATES: $50 per hour with most projects taking 2-8 hours for formatting and 2-6 hours for cover designs
TURN-AROUND: 2-4 weeks

Manuscript Formatting & Editing

Are you a solid writer but need another set of eyes to go through your entire manuscript and make sure it is perfect? Maybe you have a great novel or the next great “How To” book, but you need help with typographical or grammatical conventions. RuneWright will take great care in refining your text so that it is ready for publication or submission to agents, editors and publishers. Don’t let months of your hard work go to professionals without being certain that you’ve done everything you can to make it as perfect as possible.

RATES: $2.00 per 8 1/2 x 11 page double-spaced 12-point Times / courier font
TURN-AROUND: Varies, but most projects are 2-4 weeks

Manuscript Editing & Story Revision

In some cases writers are looking for more comprehensive editing services. If you’d like not only a full edit but stylistic revisions & suggestions for characterization, story-line, plot-curve, dialogue and overall manuscript readability, I can provide that as well. Clearing out the typos is sometimes good enough. However, to get your manuscript over the hurdle of being ready for presentation to the pros, take it to the next level and make the story sing and tap-dance like Fred Astaire.

RATES: Varies on a project-by-project basis

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