Penny Dread Tales v4

Penny Dread Tales v4

A Phantasmagorical Calliope of Clockwork and Steam

Formats: Steampunk Anthology – Print, Electronic
Genres: Short Fiction: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Author: Mixed
Edited By: Christopher J. Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Quincy J. Allen & Kathryn S. Renta

PDTIV_ThumnailPenny Dread Tales Volume IV explores the darker side of steampunk, where demons reign and the human spirit can be as unwholesome and unholy as your worst nightmare. Immerse yourself in this tome of light and darkness. Revel in the triumphs of adventurous heroes and despair in the maleficence of heartless villains, human and inhuman alike.

These short stories will take you across the globe and across dimensions. You will find yourself soaring through the skies over America and Europe. You will visit the seedy underside of Seattle, the dusty plains of the southwest, and the great savannahs of darkest Africa. Within these pages are ghosts, demons, and the undead seeking to take your very soul. Necromancers feed upon the blood of the innocent. Murderers and thieves abound, and the line between good and evil blurs to nonexistence.

Limitless worlds and landscapes lay within in this latest installment of Penny Dread Tales … for it is truly Perfidious and Paranormal Punkery of Steam.

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