Penny Dread Tales v2

Penny Dread Tales v2

A Phantasmagorical Calliope of Clockwork and Steam

Formats: Steampunk Anthology – Print (March 2012), Electronic (March 2012)
Genres: Short Fiction: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Author: Mixed
Edited By: Christopher J. Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Quincy J. Allen & Kathryn S. Renta

penny_dread_tales_v2Penny Dread Tales Volume Two truly is a phantasmagorical calliope of clockwork and steam, one that will spirit you away to the four corners of the globe . Steampunk is not just British and it’s not just American, although you may have heard different. Steampunk is everywhere and forever. This anthology celebrates the notion that steampunk also has a home in places like China, Budapest, Panama and beyond. In this collection of short steampunk stories, a prince will face the curse of his ancestors, airship privateers will face down a murderer in the rugged Outback of Australia, the cities of Buda and Pest will face annihilation, and a lone, clockwork cowboy will face down the meanest werewolf in the west.

So sit back, relax and step into the Victorian age that never happened, even in your wildest dreams!


Sevan Taylor
Keyth Good
Larry Lefkowitz
Lauren Humphries-Brooks
Jonathan D. Beer
David Boop
J. M. Franklin
Quincy Allen
Dorothy Reede
Mark Rossmore
Gerry Huntman
Cynthia Gael
Alexander B. Joy
David McLain
Robert Neilson
David W. Landrum
Justin Boyett

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