It Lives

It Lives

What Hath Mother Wrought?

Formats: Anthology – Print (July 2011), Electronic (July 2011)
Genres: Short Fiction: Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy
Author: Mixed
Edited By: Christopher Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Laura Givens

ItLivesCoverMediumThe act of creation can be both beautiful and horrific, just as what is borne of that act can be magnificent and terrible. “It Lives: Volume One” is a science fiction and horror anthology meant to explore that which comes from creation in a wide array of forms that will tantalize and terrify. In 21 distinct stories that span both space and time and written by authors from the U.S., England, Australia and Canada, “It Lives” delves into the discovery of new species, the rebirth of historical figures, the origination of legends and even the end of the universe as we know it.

It Lives Volume One is a science fiction & horror anthology including 21 short stories from authors all over the world. In this one I went for really strong, emotionally-charged, character-driven stories that focus on the creation, birth or rebirth of something wonderful, horrible or positively weird. For this one, I tried to select stories that take place in the future, leaning more towards the science-fiction side of the house. However, if it was a really good story, it made the cut. Keep in mind that there’s some cross-genre stuff going on in here.

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