Best Served Cold

Best Served Cold

An Eye for an Eye

Formats: Anthology – Print, Electronic (November 2011)
Genres: Short Fiction: Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy
Author: Mixed
Edited By: Christopher Ficco
Cover Artwork By: Nathanael Lee

best_served_cold_smallSometimes revenge can taste sweet, and sometimes it is most bitter. It can fill the soul to the bursting point or leave it empty and wanting. But no matter how one takes their revenge, it is always best served cold, as cold as the heart it takes to prepare revenge in the first place. “Best Served Cold” is a collection of science-fiction, paranormal and contemporary short fiction where the one who has it coming gets it in the end. This is a smorgasbord of retribution that will tickle, tantalize, slake and even horrify your sense of justice. Within these pages an assassin starts a revolution, the devil himself terrorizes the galaxy, a murderer meets justice in the form of three ancient witches and sexual predators find out what it means to be preyed upon. So whet your appetite and prepare for a collection of short stories that are “Best Served Cold.”

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